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Download Wipeout Fury HD Vector Shapes

Download Wipeout Fury HD Vector Shapes

  • Title: Download Wipeout Fury HD Vector Shapes

    Category: Symbols

    filetype: CSH

    file size:

    number of shapes: 70

    author: Liger-Inuzuka

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Tags: shape vector


Download 70+ Photoshop Custom made shapes created from observation of various screenshots from the eighth title in the Wipeout racing video game Wipeout HD Fury environments and menu interfaces by Liger-Inuzuka. Our project started to create a set of tools for creating better fanart of the amazing franchise, soon after the decision was made to share our love for it. The pack includes different symbol vector shapes and logo vectors that you can use in your designs.

Remember the Liger watermark in the corner is our own and is not included in the pack.

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