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Free Vector Icons

Free Vector Icons

  • Category: Icons

    filetype: AI, CSH, SVG, EPS

    file size: 0,8 mb

    number of shapes: 133

    author: all-silhouettes

How to Install Custom Shapes in Photoshop Tutorial

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Tags: icon vector

Huge set of Free Vector Icons for every day use. This clipart contain most useful icons and symbols of everything: speech cloud, envelope, pen, pencil, men, women, business man, dustbin, garbage can, trashcan, ashcan, shop cart, book, letter, phone, cellphone, iphone, ipad, ipod, monitor, screen, bag, packet, suitcase, baggage, trunk, b-cars, gift box, light bulb, tools, calendar, laptop, radio, win screen, data storage, HDD, keyboard, sos symbol, life buoy, first-aid kit, road code, open and closed lock, key, informational sign, clip, stable, document icon, mouse, cd/dvd disk, diskette, disk, processor, patchplug, pin, plug, socket, wall outlet, USB, clock, stopwatch, knife and fork, cup, vine glass, printer, photo camera, picture, pattern, eye, memory stick, candy, water drop, puzzle peace, flag, glass flask, star, heart, laying, bookmark, tag, film, video camera, TV, security camera, speaker, medal, scissors, snowflake, cloud, lightning, syn, moon, quote, music note, microphone, headphones, flower, umbrella, track, car, petrol station, factory, radar, calculator, joystick, game pad, gear, shield, coat of arm, skull, tree, leaf, pointer, Earth planet, bug, battery, magnifying glass, loupe, binocular, and arrows for any direction. All icons professionally done, have no sharp angels, all corners smooth and round.

This set was kindly created and shared for free by and I’d like to express my personal respect for such a great freebie. Don’t forget to visit there WordPress Themes gallery.