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Dandelion Flower Silhouette PSD

Dandelion Flower Silhouette PSD

  • Title: Dandelion Flower Silhouette PSD

    Category: Nature

    filetype: PSD

    file size: 163 kn

    number of shapes: 2

    author: freepsdfiles

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Tags: flower


The Dandelion Flower Silhouette is in fact a PSD file that contains a number of vector shapes which are gathered in a form of a dandelion flower with flying seeds. Inside the PSD file you will find the flower silhouette made by smart objects. Inside the smart objects you will find the actual custom shape.

You can put together all the shapes and make a new flower shape but it will take you a while. So it is better to use it as it is; it still is a vector flower so you have all the advantages of vector based shapes. You can use it to create nature inspired backgrounds, wallpapers and so on.